A letter to unborn children

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Dear unborn children, I have always wanted to write to you but the pen is so expensive that I decided to only pray for you.  But thankfully, though am left with nothing to eat, I have at last managed to buy the pen.

I hold tears for you and I sometimes hear you cry in my dreams and I even cry more bitterly when I see your rights being violated.

You cry because your world is not a good place and I cry for having destroyed your world little ones.  Will you forgive me?

I am sorry to tell you that it is not going to be easy for you.  I will continue to write with tears in my eyes because that is what I can do.  I want to let you know that you are facing extinction dear little ones.

Every day and right now there is a little  child who is no younger than you holding the hand of his   poor mother,  I watch children who grow up on streets and die on streets and children who die as a result of man’s cruelty against his own kind.

Little ones, the ink is enough and I will not get tired of writing to you  though I have nothing in my stomach if that would save you from unfair society and I  will sacrifice all I could to make sure you come into the world knowing that things are hard and life is not easy. 

The signals are clear, you are about to enter the world that has been destroyed by those who, for your sake, should have made it a better place.  Where will you go? For the ground itself is thorny and the soil is infertile because it was burned by the bullets and bombs.

I pity you little children, I am sorry if you come and we fail to send you to good schools. Forgive us if you don’t get good roads and I suggest you pray so that you don’t fall sick because the health centers are so dilapidated that parents watch their children dying of diseases that can be easily treated.

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