A letter to future generations and children [Part 2]

By Ngor Khot Garang

Dear future generations, I just woke up this morning only to find that I have done nothing to make your world a better place. I slept too much and if the world was to reward laziness you would get many awards if you reach here. I hope all is well with you. Forgive me for everything because your world blackens each day. Your future is stolen, your days on earth are shorten and no food in the barn for you.

All you would get are walls and homes vacated by the people who ran for the fear of their lives. This would make you cry and I suggest you better wipe your tears and bring those people back together.

Once more, I know it won’t be easy to make that bold decision but whether you like or not, you must forgive me and chart your own future and decide your own destiny. If not, your world will be painful than mine.

I just wrote this letter to remind you that the days are counting down and you will surely make it right here one day. I mean this world will be your temporary home in days to come and you have to do all it takes to make it a better place for others so that when you are leaving, the generations coming behind finds it easy to believe that you have done a wonderful job.

Don’t wonder or blame yourself when you get a broken world where things are not easy. Our economy has collapsed and many strange things happen daily. We used to have one South Sudanese Pound, it was worth two biscuits but It is now gone and children are wondering what has taken their one South Sudanese Pound. The soil is burned by the bombs and it no longer produces the harvest that can sustain human lives.

Roads that connect all the ten states of South Sudan are not tarmacked and it is even worse when you are traveling during the rainy season. You first say a word of prayer while dealing with mud before you embark on the journey because insecurity still exists on the road.

There is absolutely nothing interesting in our land and you would find it hard to forgive us that time when you come here. Young people are always in tears for one reason or another: One because they are jobless and secondly because of the country’s crises. But more baffling is the fact that some of them are lazy and I beg you not to be like them when you reach here. To be lazy is a sin that can never be forgiven by the giver and finisher of life.

Nature has lost its beauty and the beautiful South Sudan we used to know no longer portrays its original image.  The country itself is sad and restless; trees are no longer there. Women and orphans cannot define what a true happiness is. Young girls are being by force removed from school and married off. Malnutrition crucifies children daily. Poverty mercilessly bites daily.

The love that we used to exhibit no longer exists.  The country is divided along ethnic lines and I don’t know how your South Sudan would be like during that time but I suggest you choose unity.  It will surely do great wonders for you.

The animals have run to the neighboring countries and some have died during the war. When you reach here later, you will see graves in almost every home and emaciated children, women and men.  In those graves are the bones of the men, women and children who died during the civil war in 2013 /2016. Some were killed themselves because they see no reason to live, others by hunger and many lives were shortened by the firearm. The emaciated men and women comprises of families with nothing to eat more especially those who cannot even afford a loaf of bread.

But thanks God though we have suffered a lot in dignified silence, all is going to be well soon. There is a glimmer of peace and the beautiful songs of the birds can tell it all. The agreement was finally reached and the warring parties have agreed not to shed innocent blood again.  They sat down some weeks ago and reshuffled the old government that was divided into small groups with different political views. The new government was formed and it is trying in its power to ensure that South Sudanese regain their lost hope and dignity.

I could see a sparkling light in your future now because there is going to be no more war again. But that would sound beautiful if you set yourself different from us.  If you try to emulate us thinking that you are our children.  I don’t want to sound pathetic but it is true you are going to fall into a burning furnace.

It is now 2020 and a new decade. The past years have been series of pains and sufferings. Many deaths have occurred and many diseases were introduced. But this year, the whole world is in great shock and fear due to the soaring cases of Corona Virus. The virus made it way from China, a country you will come to know when you reach here.

The people here, I mean South Sudanese can’t manage to bear the virus anymore. We have suffered for so long and getting to know that another deadly virus is looming around is a disease itself. Our prayer is that your world is free from all these calamities both natural and man-made. It is not good little ones to watch someone being lowered to their early graves. That is what happens here.

Right here, it is not a child but the father who digs the grave which used not to be there before. Decades ago, parents used to watch their children grow to ripe age but not now little ones. The world is changing daily and it is not going to be easy with you if you plan earlier how you are going to live your world.

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