A great country will be built

By Akol Arop Akol

The Country has no problem, as well as the land but the people are the problem. Due to love for power and greed for wealth acquired in political ways, we have ended up confusing our own people and the youngest nation in the World got destroyed after a year of independence.

After loss of lives and destruction of the little built cartoon-towers and crops, the youngest nation continues crying for help from neighbors and the World at large. Take this for example, a kid that always cry is not loved and taken care of by siblings or visitors. If South Sudan continues crying every year because of bad politics and broken down economy, no one will like this kind of a child but only the mother with pure love will not give up.

South Sudan is a crying child, stabbed with knives of corruption, wars, poverty and division as the liberators are the ones who gave birth to this country and they know the reason for its birth. There’s no offspring that’s born and left without being fed and taken care of by the mother.

Citizens are responsible to own and take care of their country by defending it from enemies of peace, spies and looters. They should not just sit and watch their country being taken back to the past with continued forms of oppression and exploitation. Any individual or group of civilians, politicians or armed groups who choose nepotism over Patriotism should be held accountable for their evil acts, but that needs those united in spirit of nationalism and under one umbrella of embraced diversity to fight for the welfare of their country, South Sudan.

United people are stronger and God always stands with them to achieve their rights, dreams and peace among them. Our great country will be built only when we do something developmental for the community and the country, not to relax and count what one has looted during the day time or thinking about where to get bribes the next day.

What do we need for a better country to be built?  There are 5 main elements. One is unity of diversity, to love our different cultures and backgrounds. This unity is a bond that when seen by neighbors or people of the World should reflect us as South Sudanese not tribes, clans or divided political groups.

Factor 2, is pride of Citizenship. A citizen by any legal identity and process should be proud of being a South Sudanese and should always do something right not anything destructive or divisive. A good citizen promotes peace, protects the environment, defends the country and contributes to development. He or she should also know citizen’s rights to own a property and share resources without discrimination.

Factor 3 is making good use of Education. In factor 2 it mentions that a citizen has rights and these include right for effective and affordable education. But after education what’s expected out of a citizen?  He or she should use the acquired knowledge to transform others, to campaign in order to reduce rate of illiteracy, advocate to end domestic violence and promote equal gender rights. These all need education. As we can analyze today, we have many educated people but almost all of them have joined politics and end up misusing the knowledge. Instead of uniting, they are dividing people, instead of building they are destroying, instead of talking peacefully as sisters and brothers, they prefer violent means to solve their problems.

Factor 4, knowing our talents and following professional careers. Today many young people are forced into things they are not good at, and badly influenced or forced to join unlawful activities either with a motive of supporting their uncles’ politics or as sources of survival.

In order to build a great nation, each of us should know what we are capable of doing without being taken out of the right path. We cannot all be professors, politicians, military commanders or doctors. There’s something natural within each of us and that’s talent. God gives talents to everyone to be used to change the lives of fellow humans and to design a better World to live in peace, joy and unity with one another.

Just because we misunderstand that powerful ones have authority over everything that belongs to all the people of this land (South Sudanese) is the reason why many are left vulnerable, starving and crying for their abused rights. Why does it seem that resources are to be owned by some powerful figures and the civilians are to beg to be fed? It’s not only government and NGOs works that bring money. We must do different individual businesses to earn living. Imagine if you build your own shop, school, restaurant, or set up a farm to grow enough food, won’t that contribute to the development of our country? 

The reality is that our country has a lot of problems in politics, education, security, business, cultures and human rights. We cannot have the power and necessary resources to address all these but by knowing our citizenship roles and having team work as one people, slowly we shall solve them one by one. Even if we say long conflicts had happened and the little built tukuls got destroyed, time is here, we can still make a difference.

A different way of being together  again as one South Sudanese, a different way to approach ourselves and address our problems and a different way of ending conflicts among communities should be taken and used until we have a peaceful and prosperous country. Future is unknown, therefore let’s hold hands together and walk one path through temptation and failures, we shall reach a desired destination.

That’s a better country ahead that will remain for our children and the unborn. Those children will only be proud when they hear success stories of their foreleaders that will make them honor the legacies not dark time tales that will make them hate history or regret being born in this country. Be contented with the little you eat in your plate after sweating for it. Be comfortable under a peaceful tree instead of taking public money and natural resources for living a luxurious life and then be hiding from your own people seeing them as threats. There’s no reason for being a leader if one has to wear a cloth once and throw it away, eat half a chicken and take the rest to the dustbin while there are orphans, widows and vulnerable people with disabilities in need of feeding, clothing and shelter.

A better country to be built is not only to see planes flying in skies above poor civilians that behold and their tears drop down. A better country is not only by building big and popular hotels and then leaders look down upon them to see children of the perished freedom fighters lying along the streets because they are hungry, sick and have no place to sleep in while no one cares about them. If the remaining poor families of those who fought for the independence of South Sudan are forgotten and ignored, their hearts that are bleeding with sorrow will bring curses to this land that caused bloodshed. The leaders who are confusing people with bad politics will not escape curses. 

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