Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I want to be friendly and be told that l am not through sidekicks which are done for a purpose or purposes and which makes me look as if were still in the old world of slave trade.  I want true friends to recognize and understand that we are a sovereign nation not anyone’s puppet who can be dictated to by pretenders who are likely to drive us to unknown destination. I think there must be a stop to pretend and to sidekicks which are making us angry all the time. I am one person who value the dignity of human being and would want to be treated the same, not the other way. I am talking about foreign interests who are fond of dictating to us terms even where it is not necessary. As the country tried its best to put things back to normal and sustain peace for prosperity and economic growth, some foreign powers who believe they are the best are giving conditions for the lifting up of the arms embargo. I can tell you for free that when the so the called Troika countries are talking they only passes messages from their bosses and for their interests. It is not Troika, it will be World Bank, IMF or some international institutions including NGOs. I am tired of the continued backlashing while at the same time l am told of how good friends these people are. They cannot be that good if they do not know what they are getting from us. It is time they are told the truth. Troika is telling us that the unity government must meet some conditions in the agreement before the arms embargo is lifted yet here they want us to graduate the unified forces. With what? They do not want us any good and will always drive a wedge between that would always divide us. It is so interesting to know that the Troika envoys are able to tell us what the UN Security Council is thinking and would want us to do. The message they are sending is very clear. They are in constant contacts and are working together to achieve their goals. Which goal intended for continuous division of the people. We should have a break and be given the chance and support to put our pieces together. Not the continued suppression and the divide and rule tactics. I am sure our agendas can properly be articulated by our own people who know our inner-core-self. We are so hospitable and welcome all but we cannot do so at the peril and expense of the citizens. A good friend stands welcomed to help us build our hopes for a better future without strings being attached.  Can we have such friends who would stand up for us in time of need instead of driving the deed wedge among the citizens whose hope lies on socio-economic growth with peace at home to stay.  

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