Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Sometimes it is appreciated when true friends join hands to support the cause of humanity. They must be people who surely are concerned about the plight of the existing situation but not those who always hit you on the head when something small becomes so small.  I came across a joint statement by the European Union titled the inter-communal violence in Jonglei which is composed by EU delegation in the Republic of South Sudan, the head of mission of France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden and the heads of mission of Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom which was in solidarity with the situation in Jonglei but my mind went wild and asked if the solidarity was real or a mockery of the highest order. My past experience with these missions refused to leave me. One was telling me that these were testing point to see how real peace was getting hold on the ground. At no time have there been genuine concern. The west is known for their stand against the black and whatever we do will not please them. Just yesterday one of their leading media outlets wondered loudly how China and other European countries were being affected by the spread of coronavirus while Africa which is vulnerable was spared the dreaded outbreak. We know among these countries who are real friends and who are not.  It has come to pass that some of them had their own ideologies and ideas of what they wanted to see happening but God is great it did not happen the way they wanted. Let us hope that the turn of events in the country with peace and formation of the unity government will put many to shame over and above their expectations. The journey which has been walked this far cannot be reversed. It is a journey which is meant to achieve peace and success to the people of this country. Here are well placed security personnel who are able to deal with any situation internally and externally. For this and many more there must be one way to follow which is peaceful co-existence. This is what is needed to be applied in the Jonglei situation so that they should understand that all is done, they must belong to one another. They need one another and they need peace to help them fulfill their future continuities. The government is well aware of this need and has taken charge to ensure the inter-tribal conflicts and killing was brought to an end and life returned back to normal. True friends are on the ground providing humanitarian assistance including food and shelter to those displaced. The people affected by these clashes should forget the past and revert to the new way of life which is peace among all communities in the country which the leadership has been preaching and which is getting its feet on the ground. Let peace be with you all.

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