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A Fifteen year old boy accidentally killed in Awerial

By Mabor Riak Magok

Authorities in Awerial County of Lakes State said a 15-year old boy was accidentally shot dead by his fellow friend over the weekend as they were playing with agun at their maternal uncle’s home.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Police Chief Inspector of Kal-thok Payam in Awerial County Lakes State,  Simon Anyak said, the police has apprehended a 15 year old boy suspect identified as Malou Majuang.

“These two children were playing with a gun which was hidden in the drawer. They removed the gun where it was hidden, and started playing with it, and as a result a15 year-old-boy was killed on the spot,”said Anyak.

The Administrator of Kal-thokPayam,  AlbinoCuei confirmed the incident that happened in Kal-thok adding that authorities in the Payam have apprehended a15 year old suspect and is now being held at AwerialCounty.

“We have apprehended the suspect who shot the boy together with his uncle and they are remanded in prison in Awerial County. This morning,we are planning to visit the burial place and we shall investigate to find out more regarding the incident,” he said.

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