A country slaughtering her future

By Akol Arop Akol

In towns unknown gunmen threatened public figures, people who are doing something for the country. Can we agree with what was being said that South Sudan is a worse country to live in?

Of course if an environment is not safe for the owner, how would the foreigner feel safe? Teachers, professors, school children are killed. Young girls and women are raped.

Who are the future? The Future are the teachers sacrificing themselves to teach and transform the generation from ancient traditional era to modern era. They are equipping the young ones with knowledge that would deliver them out of poverty, traditional taboos that were chaining them from reaching their potentials. How many people have gone to school with a mission of being educated to find a job, to work and improve their own lives? They are many, but many of them followed their own self-interest and ignoring the needs of helping others including the children of the teachers or professors who taught them in school.

What is the connection of politics and school that teachers and professors fall prey of unknown gunmen? There is no connection at all, but if one leaves school and sure to have acquired knowledge and leadership experiences, one has the right a citizen and intellectual person to participate in the affairs of his or her country. And participating in politics and having their voices in their country should not be a trap-tick for their death.

Does South Sudan needs illiterate, poor and lazy people to be leaders? I am asking these question because I have observed most of our people being killed today are either too innocent or have ideas, and rights they want to express out but they are misunderstood as critics or opposing agents obstructing other leaders interests.

South Sudan is a country slaughtering it future, and there is no doubt, if the educated people, entrepreneurs, students, church leaders, elderly and children and the soldiers who are protecting the country die because of starving, diseases without treatment and senseless conflicts, then there is no good future ahead. People make up a country and among them are from different diversities, with skills, talents and life experiences, when they join hands together to share ideas and resources they will prosper, but most don’t care.

We are advocating through media, but not many who listen to our shouting, the same people who ignore our call are the ones troubling the country and they be like ‘’there is no solution for South Sudan.’’ So would be better when time come for the Nationalist such as Activists, Journalists and humanitarian workers to give up and sit down to watch where South Sudan is heading to? The silence of these groups would give chance for injustice, violence and death to occur in the country, so they must keep struggling.

South Sudan is slaughtering her future because they children that are supposed to be taken to school to learn, given something to eat and wear and treated when sick are being left to die from poverty, sickness, raping  

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