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With Odongo Odoyo

I had a short break and now back on this jargon which is the only trade l have and continue to know is life. To my readers and supporters of this column, thank you very much for standing up with my able and articulate colleagues who were on stand-by for me. Believe me, they made a cut of their coats fitting them properly to the detrimental of others who had been on the know of thump-chesting that no good would come out from the present crop of well trained and well-disciplined group of youngsters gearing to succeed Yaba and his co group. Thanks and l can assure you that with the kind of determination, trust and commitment sure way the sky is the limit and do not listen to hounding sounds. Stand on your own, make a sure decision and there you go. To all our partners and associates in this column. You are all welcomed and let us continue. To all of you, happy belated New Year. In fact my colleague Gilo Jr. Okwata will bear me witness as we discussed the history of “white supremacy” in Africa. We came to discuss the past present and future. But l told my friend what was disturbing me on my first day back in the office. My wife had sent me an audio from a post in which a white man was talking about the over bust in world population. The audio mentioned the research done by Bill Gate and his team sometimes back; it said that there were over three billion overcrowding the needed world population which should be eliminated from the face of the world. He went on to suggest that this exercise was very necessary and should start from Africa to reduce the crowded world population. I am not a racist and have many friends in the white dominated world. What disturbs me most is why should anything negative or bad be tested or directed to Africa. The recent cases of HIV/AIDS, Ebola and Coronavirus have proved to be tested and played on the continent’s ground. Why should it be the case? Do these people who are directing their experiment towards the continent have different blood from what Africans have. Remember the issue of World population reduction was also mooted at one point by the famous Henry Kissinger the then US Secretary of States. The issue has come in many ways and form which will be discussed in other avenues and included, the so common vaccinations, health promotions among them, family planning and so many others. Their foundations and the background of all these are pegged on one thing, to make Africa a testing ground for all the white’s supremacy mission if not to fully oil their pockets with the continent’s rich natural resources.  Someone should dig out how and why groups like the five Ks or Ku Klus Klan and Freemason exists in our midst while Millennium and IL luminary are presently within the core of our youth group. I am one person who hates to be taken for a ride and l would not like to do the same to anyone.    

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