A boy found dead in septic tank

By: Peter Gatkuoth

A four-year-old boy has been found dead in a deep sewage tank belonging to Modern Specialists Hospital of South Sudan Hotel in Juba Town.

The uncle of the deceased who preferred to be called Bekumba said the child got out from the home in the morning to play with the peers at the neighborhood.

“I heard people were talking that there was a child who fell into a hole and we came to see. I did not believe it was the son to my sister,” he said.

“When my colleague entered into the septic tank and pulled out the boy from the hole and I found out that it was the son to my sister,” Bekumba explained.

He blamed the authorities at South Sudan Hotel for their negligence.

“We don’t know the problem of these people, it seems this hole is left improperly covered to kill people’s children,” Bekumba said.

Mohammed Kamal, a resident at Hai Sujun who was sited at a tea place said he saw people were running towards Modern Specialists Hotel but he did not know what was taking place.

 “I left my tea and joined them, when I got to the place I got over 100 people around the scene but there was no abled person to pull the child from the sewage,” he explained.

“I tried to pull the child from the hole and after I got him out I found that the child was already dead,” Kamal lamented.

According to some eyewitness, the septic tank was covered with a light carton.

However the attempt to reach the authorities of the hospital for comment was futile as none of them was willing to talk to the press due to confusion at the scene.

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