At last it is a relief to parents of the almost 900 pupils who were initially locked out of primary eight examinations as they took the exercise yesterday in what was presumed early to be out of bound for security reasons. It would have been very sad if the pupils were denied the chance completely. The Ministry in charge took acceptable steps to ensure the pupils took the exams to enable them proceed further with their education which remain solidly the foundation of the nation.  Minister Awut Deng Acuil and her team defused speculations which had started doing the round with some taking political tone which later proved to be out of context of the whole affair. This indicates that reasons given earlier of insecurity would be believed since at the same time the minister had promised to work together with security apparatus in the affected areas with a view of having the examination done. It important to note that there are matters that should not be politicized and which should be handled with proper coordination, among them is the education of the children. The Ministry is not blameless because they waited until the last minute to come out with the insecurity issue.They should have come out earlier to inform those would be affected areas. Although the matter has been resolved but the pupil who had prepared like their other colleagues were kept in uncertainty and were not as enthusiastic as they were before. It is a lesson well learned and which should not be repeated, particularly, where the future of the youth and children are concerned A disciplined society needs firm foundation which can only be provided by well-educated generation. Mistakes like this one should not be repeated because such end up in rumours and speculations that are uncalled for.

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