Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

When l read a detailed narrative by the Director General International Health and Coordination in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Thuou Loi why a foreign doctor deployed at the Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Centre was deported for incompetence, l did agree with him and wanted more to be done because the health of the citizens cannot be compromised. It is one of the main agenda of the government and anything short of providing the service adequately cannot be entertained.Dr. Loi’s discovery could only be a tip of the iceberg. Worse still, those in the incompetence bracket are many among us and would want the employing institutions to believe that they are actually qualified and met the standard required. These masqueraders’ are holed up in many disciplined and sectors that they should not have been allowed to be holding in the first place. It is good and healthy to have experts who are experienced and who know their work. It is these same failures who go out to create negative images of the country in social media or giving false information to some international media houses without facts or proof of their allegations. It is time to come to reality and find out the background of people who are seconded or deployed by some international organizations to provide service to the general public. Health and education sectors are the main target of the masqueraders’. These venerable institutions should not be left open for every tom, dick and harry. If this happened, the end result would be the highest penalty to pay. It is true that some organizations are well managed by well qualified foreigners, but this should not be a yard-stick measure to allow the influx into public institutions. The discovery by Dr. Loi’ discovery could be a pointer to help in uprooting a number of unwanted personnel who are hiding behind the curtains in or within our own backyards. Remember there have been a number of complaints from the public on some international institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which are fond of employing staff with questionable backgrounds. There should be clear policies and guidelines that must always be put in place and which can also help in providing the employments to the hundreds of qualified youth who are having nothing to do or misplaced in jobs that do not go with their educational or training backgrounds. There should always be checks and balance in public institutions never to allow underdogs who are roaming the corridors with questionable if not fake papers which they display and claim to beauthenticated qualifications. They are many ,but there are also many people of Dr. Loi’s caliber who will soon find them out and show them the door to where they belong. I have in mind some NGOs which are relating to public institutions in service delivery to the public. They must be stopped.

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