A 27-year old man commits suicide over dowry

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Lakes State confirmed that a 27-year old man committed suicide after his relatives denied him to marry a girl of his choice.

The relatives of the girl named Yar Mawat Adut, said that when the late was told to pay five cows as dowry, he did not have any cow and later decided to commit suicide.

“When the man was told to pay five cows as the dowry of which he did not have but his uncle agreed to pay dowries of five cows to the parents of the girl as the process continued, but later went and killed himself without anyone knowing,” she said.

She added that the late called his girlfriend just minutes before he ended his life to inform her that today is the end of his life but despite his girlfriend’s assurance that she will remain his wife, he still hanged himself to death.

Meanwhile, Daniel LaatKon, CEPO Coordinator said that the late had wanted to marry a girl but his parents denied him due to lack of enough dowries and there are others who have emerged for the competition with him.

“This is where his parents told the deceased that they would not afford to pay dowries for the girl,”

Previously, authorities have expressed concerns over the rising numbers of suicide cases in South Sudan, especially in some states which shows that suicide is on the rise in South Sudan.

The author looks at the suicide rate in Lakes State, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei and Unity States.

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