Danube Home Empire opens business Centre in Uganda

David Bahati, Ugandan  State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning (second left) during the launch of Danube Home Business Empire in Kampala (Photo: Martin Manyiel Wugol):

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The Dubai based Danube Home Investment Center which deals with multi-million business networks has opened its branch in Kampala last Friday. The colorful event was attended by the Ugandan State Minister of Finance David Bahati.

Speaking to the press, Sayed Habib, General Managing Director of Danube Home Dubai praised Ugandan government and its people for allowing Danube Home Empire to officially operate in Uganda.

He said through the center, they look forward to bringing valuable goods to Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria and Zambia in near future instead of the business community traveling to Dubai to purchase goods.

“For now someone from Juba or within Kampala can come straight to Kampala Road and buy whatever he or she wants at an incredible discount,” Habib said.

For his part, David Bahati, State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning welcomed Danube Home Business Empire to operate in Uganda saying such big business firm could create employment opportunities to the citizens.

“On behalf of the government we congratulate Danube Home Business Empire for choosing to invest in Uganda, your business will flourish,” said Bahati.

Mr. Bahati acknowledged the positive role the business communities can play in supporting the citizens and the government through efficient service delivery. He said this in turn would improve the lives of the common Ugandans.

The Finance and Planning Minister urged African people to stop importing almost everything from outside the continent. He said things like second hand clothes were not supposed to be imported since the continent produces the cotton.

Mr. Bahati said they have ready textile industries to produce best clothes and other goods to meet wants of the citizens.


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