Teachers complete three-weeks training in China

Amani Salvatore (Centre) with some of the teachers In China

By Morris Dogga

At least five teachers from South Sudan have completed three weeks of intensive training course offered by the Chinese Government.

The training was aimed at equipping them with modern technics of handling students.

Some of the teachers were selected by South Sudan China Friendship Association (SSCHIFA)-a diplomatic association that links the country’s private sector to training and scholarship opportunities in China.

Amani Salvatore Ladu Amatu, one of the private school teachers who attended the training in China said they learned how the Chinese teachers engage with their students.

According to Amani most teachers in China in both private and public schools have a very good relationship with their students which have widened the performance in schools.

Ms. Amani said they were also trained on the use of modern technology for teaching in School-a practice that is widely used in China and other developed countries.

She said the Children were given time to show up their talents something that has not been done in most African Schools and South Sudan.

She urged parents to take their children to schools so that they could be able to learn a lot of things.

Amani further called on the teachers to also give time for students to show up their talents.

“These are things that need to be done in South Sudan. The mothers should also teach their children how to respect their colleagues and everyone around them,” she said.

SSCHIFA is a South Sudanese based organization.  It focuses on people-to-people relationship between the people of South Sudan and China.

It also links South Sudanese to scholarships offered by the people of China. It deals with private companies and individuals.

Apart from the education sector, the association had also sent South Sudanese students for training in the areas of trade and economic programs, engineering, technology and development programs, medical care and public health among other fields.

Last month SSCHIFA also sent some young South Sudanese entrepreneurs for training in China.






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