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Security improves as disarmament begins -Governor


Mangar Buong Aluenge, Eastern Lakes State Governor   on 7th Feb. 2018 (photo by Moses Gum Degur):


BY Moses Gum Degur

The newly appointed Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Mangar Buong Aluenge said the general security situation had improved in the state months after the start of disbarment exercise.

He said the safety and stability of citizens in the state is normal with no more reports of cattle rustling but few cases of theft from the neighboring youth of Western Lakes.

The governor made these remarks on Sunday upon his arrival from the state capital, Yirol.

The Governor said he came to juba in response to invitation sent to him by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) leadership for a meeting.

He is expected to take oath of office as the State SPLM Chairperson since his appointment by the President.

Governor Mangar continued that the security situation is calm and stable and that all the citizens are doing their normal businesses including engaging in agriculture.

“There are no more cases of cattle raiding in the state except some few elements crossing to the state from neighboring Western Lakes. Those are criminals who escaped the disarmament and ran for hiding in forests of Amadi State. They are the ones coming and stealing cattle from Aluak-luak and Ngop counties,” Governor Mangar said.

He stated that this rainy season, his government will step up efforts to eradicate cattle theft to give chance for local citizens to engage in farming.

Governor Mangar stressed the need for all people to stop cattle rustling and resort to businesses and embark on agriculture.

He said to eradicate the practice of cattle rustling, his government is enforcing the disarmament exercise declared last year in a state of emergency by the President.

Governor Mangar revealed that the disarmament exercise is bringing to an end cattle rustling in the state.

“We are collecting guns from every hand of civilians. We are working with chiefs and other local leaders to ensure all machines are gathered. If anyone is found in hostile behavior refusing to hand over the riffle, then we will face him,” Governor Mangar warned.

He described Eastern Lakes as one of the peaceful states “with beautiful land full of natural resources fit for farming and other development activities and that if well use will be food basket for the nation.”

“I believe in human development. If we encourage our people to work hard, attracting them in agricultural and developmental activities, then they will be self-reliant and therefore the rate of crimes will reduce gradually,” Governor Mangar concluded.

He urged the neighboring states to respect and promote good relationship for peace and sustainable development.

Governor Mangar is the third Governor of Eastern Lakes State since the creation of more states in the Republic of South Sudan.

“Abled disabled” using music to inspire disabled


Check B the Magician (file photo):


By Mandela Nelson Denis

Born in 1993 to Lotuko mother and father in the village of Ohiri (Oronyo Payam) in the current Torit State east of the country is singer Check B De Magic, who believes he has the zeal to motivate many people.

The singer’s condition of one of his legs being shorter than the other was a result of his mother’s accident when she was in the womb.

“One day my mother accidentally slid and fell down on her way from the forest and this affected me inside as one of my two legs is shorter than the other, time came and she delivered me, my mum could leave me with my aunt her younger sister,” Check B narrated.

After the singer was born, his condition worsened when his care taker left him to crawl on fire that deformed his hand and caused severe burn to his limbs.

“One day my mum went to the forest and left me with my aunt, I was crawling at that time; my aunt and my uncle were having some misunderstanding. As my uncle was beating her, there was fire at the house, I crawled towards the fire and that’s how I got burnt,” he remembered.

The singer revealed that he has never felt different from others due to his condition because he believes; everyone has a story to tell about his life.

“I feel so strong and I am so thankful to God for life because I can do anything just like others can do,” he said. I use my ability because it is stronger than my disability.”

The singer said he is the “abled disabled and I am so glad I use music to inspire and motivate souls in my condition.”

Check B plays music instruments such as violin, trumpet and drums despite his condition.

The “I don’t care” singer revealed that he is developing his ideas of how to support talented disabled youth across the world.

“I am building my ideas of supporting disabled talented youth in the country and the world to realize their dreams, so many are talented but do not know,” Check B said.

Football is another talent that Check has. He still plays for Burkan and Volcano FC, popular football clubs in the town of Torit, where he hails from.

The singer revealed that football boosted his music career and awakened the ability in his disability.

Road rehabilitation launched in Bor

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Jonglei State in collaboration with the national government on Sunday launched rehabilitation of roads in the state.

The rehabilitation will cover roads throughout the state beginning from Bor town to Duk Padiet and Payuel Counties.

The roads in the state got spoiled during the rainy season.

The repair will ensure easy movement of people in the state counties whose roads become impassable during rainy seasons.

The launching was attended by Rebecca Joshua Okwaci, the Minister of Roads and Bridges, Kuol Manyang Juuk, Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Jonglei State officials, and community members.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Jonglei State Governor Col. Philip Aguer said the road rehabilitation was manifestation of the determination of the state government to repair all the roads from Bor to Duk.

“We started with very few equipment, but with the determination that we must repair the road from Bor to Duk because it was wounding off every season. We will try to do our best so that we repair the bad road to enable the business line and travelling continuously possible,” Aguer said.

He affirmed that the national government was also supporting the rehabilitation of the road.

Governor Aguer said they supplemented their equipment with those given to them from the engineering department of the army by the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs.

He said they also got support from the presidency in terms of fuel and individual contribution from the business community of Jonglei State.

Aguer appealed to international agencies to support the road rehabilitation exercise in Jonglei State.

“We are appealing to the International Agencies because this road is a humanitarian livelihood that supports the IDPs and returnees.  So we hope to get other support from international partners in terms of particularly fuel,” he added.

He confirmed that the work had already started with 10 kilometers covered away from the main capital Bor.

He called on the citizens of Jonglei State both in the diaspora and within South Sudan to contribute towards the ongoing process.

“We had appealed to Jonglei citizens and we are still appealing to those in the diaspora and those here in the country to contribute in this rehabilitation of the road. Community members at home should have roles because the road is for all of us,” Aguer said.

He added that they were doing the rehabilitation in relations with their neighbors

“When we did the concept paper for building and rehabilitation of the roads, we were together as a greater Jonglei particularly the people of Bieh and Fangak. We want to reach the borders so that we can facilitate peace building through humanitarian activities and peace consultation to ensure free movement with the neighbors,” Aguer revealed.

He appreciated the community members for their donations during the launching, affirming that the road would easily facilitate citizens and businessmen travelling throughout Counties and Payams of Jonglei State during the rainy season.






















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