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535 fake certificates confiscate in Uganda

Education Attaché Annual Report 2020 to 2021

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The office of Education Attaché South Sudan embassy in Uganda has launched annual report of 2020-2021 that 535 fake certificate confiscate both forged and authentic academic certificates Uganda only in East Africa Community Education Report.

The report was sent to Juba for line Ministries of General Education together with Higher Education to make it official and become public document when approve for public consumption.

Lual Akol Nhial, Education Attaché at South Sudan Embassy in Uganda said that the annual report purposes and the intention were to help the Ministry of General Education to know the number of graduates particularly in Uganda and other East African countries for better future references and planning.

“South Sudanese learners should consider verification of the authenticity of academic documents in good faith, not target exercise as some people in the society may precept as action to frustrate citizens who are willing to learn in any fields of education not at all, but correct establishment of identifying seriousness of learners and learning institutions as well and that was the real motivation of education attaché verifying foreign certificates,”

He added that he urged South Sudanese young learners to be serious about their education by always doing correct thing instead of looking for shortcuts that may waste their time. Also he thanksSouth Sudanese who are working hard to acquire their education qualifications without forging certificates, those patriotic citizens deserve government opportunities available in the country.

He revealed that the results of annual report were encouraging because majority of South Sudanese lastly understood forging documents was waste of money and time and equally dangerous business that cannot produce positive results in nation building, therefore such good action need to be maintained for the standardization of South Sudan human resource in the country.

The annual report summarized about 535 forged certificates of different levels in Uganda alone that mentioned below in summary report attached.

Below is summary of annual report forged certificates 2020 to 2021.PhD02, Master’s Degree 05, Bachelor’s Degree 58,Diploma 37, Certificate 30, UACE (Uganda) 18, UCE (Uganda) 63, KCSE Kenya 01, South Sudan Secondary School Certificate 77, Primary School Certificate 244 that make total of 535 forged certificate.

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