50 trained on reconciliation and social cohesion

By Baraka John 

An indigenous CSO, Rural Development Action Aid on Thursday has created awareness on the importance of reconciliation and social cohesion to nearly fifty community members in Yambio County with the sole objective to foster peace and reconciliation among communities as South Sudan recovers from cycle of armed conflict.

The awareness is part of a one-year project funded by UNDP titled inclusive dialogue for reconciliation and social cohesion, driven from the chapter five the 2018 revitalized peace agreement that emphasizes on the formation of the commission for Truth, reconciliation and Healing which is yet to be established by the RTGoNU.

Mr. Zingorani Albert Joseph the acting director for RDD, said the awareness gathering aimed at impacting the knowledge of reconciliation and social cohesion among the diverse communities in State.

He said the program targeted Maridi, Yambio and Nzara Counties respectively.

“This awareness, we have so far done it in Maridi, Nzara and today we had ended it here in Yambio. The program is to make awareness to the community on the importance of the Commission of Truth, Healing and Reconciliation, that aims to resolve conflict in the Republic of South Sudan”. Albert noted

Mr. Albert said the participants were encouraged to embrace spirit of reconciliation and social cohesion as the parties to the 2018 revitalized peace agreement continue to implement the document.

“Although the commission for Truth, Healing and Reconciliation is yet to be formed, we cannot wait until it is formed so that we can begin to talk about reconciliation process. Problems keep coming, conflict keep coming,and we need our communities to keep on resolving them as they come”. Mr. Albert added

However, some of the participants uploaded the initiative, saying reconciliation and social cohesion are the cornerstone for the realization of peace harmony among communities. 

Peter Julius, a sub-chief at Akorogbodi residential area in Yambio County, underscored the importance of reconciliation process among community members, saying he was able now to create awareness on reconciliation and social cohesion to members of his community he rules. 

“I am going to share this important message with my people whom I rule, that we should forgive one another, we should even forgive those who have killed our beloved ones. By doing this, peace can prevail in our community”. Peter stated.

Mr. Peter appealed to RDAA to extend similar awareness to other counties in the State to enable the message of peace and reconciliation reach every community.

Elizabeth Abdullahi, women representative at the gathering, has called on her fellow community members to embrace love, reconciliation and forgive the past just to pave way for peace to prevail.

Forty-five selected community members drawn from different residential areas in Yambio, included Youth, women, government officials, business representative attended the one-day awareness.

The one year project was funded by UNDP, Sweden Sverige, the Korea international Cooperation Agency, United Nation Peace building fund and implemented by RDAA.

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