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4 children abducted in Uror County

 By Deng Ghai Deng

 Authorities in Jonglei State,Uror County confirmed that at least 4 children have been abducted in the area by suspected armed men on Wednesday.

 Tang Chatim, the Uror County Commissioner says that the incident happened a few days after the government convinced the armed Lou Nuer youth to withdraw from attacking the areas of Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

 “The criminal youths came and attacked a cattle camp in a place called Pulngeriin Madot Payam.  These 4 children have been abducted and all of them are boys. The number of cattle that has been raided is 37 and they are taken with the boys.” Chatim said

Commissioner Chatim says the incident is sad at the time when the authorities in Jonglei are committed to peace.

“We recently stopped the armed youths from going for revenge attacks in Pibor areas and now such things are continuing to happen. Now I don’t know what to say because last time I was given a condition by the youths that unless the attacks cease, they might go for revenge. Now urge the authorities in Greater Pibor to work hard and stop their people.” Chatim added.

This week, authorities in Jonglei said they have managed to convince a large number of Lou Nuer youths who were moving from parts of State to wage an attack on the Greater Pibor Area – a native area of the Murle people – to withdraw. 

This was after the authorities in the neighboring Greater Pibor Administrative Areas said that the local youths in parts of Jonglei State were mobilizing to attack their areas.

Jay AdingoraAlual, the minister for Information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area said he was not informed about the recent incident in Uror.

“On our side we have been working hard and as we speak and sent people to the grounds in the areas of Nanaam so that the youth avoid all the criminal activities because these are the things that provoke such a thing.” Alual said

He added that cattle raids, child abductions and reprisal killings are a common occurrence in Jonglei and Greater Pibor Area. In March 2020, a community-led goodwill agreement between the Lou Nuer, Murle and Dinka Bor ethnic communities was reached at a peace conference held in Pieri Payam of Uror County. The meeting was attended by traditional leaders, women, youth and cattle camp leaders, and discussed compensation for lives lost and the return of abducted women and children.

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