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3L Company to boost security using digital cameras

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The General Trading Investment Company known as three (3L) company plan to provide firm with smart digital Cameras to prevent case of crimes and monitor various actives in their premises.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday,the General Trading Investment CEO, Emmanuel William said theyhave seen the potential of business securityin Juba and across the country that is why they came up with digital cameras.

“We have enough digital cameras because a camera has the ability to see everything. Wewant to installdigital cameras inoffices and hometo monitor premisesthrough digital web on your phone.

He added that there are three things; digital camera alarm, scanner and sensor light are moving together because when someone comes inside there are two things;the digital camera immediately starts and scan whether you have knife and other weapon and will show you what the person is having.

He revealed that the company plans to provide more digital cameras to make lives of the people safe.We are targeting the companies, homes and some offices.

In other countries, the Camera companies are good to fight for survival in the smartphone era. In 1988 Japan Fujifilm unveiled what it called the world’s first fully digital consumer camera with the FUJIX DS-1P. It had a revolutionary feature, storing up to 10 images on a credit card-sized SRAM memory card. A lot has changed, especially since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, a device on which users today store thousands of images.

There were 100 million digital cameras shipped in the iPhone’s first year. By 2018, the digital camera market declined by roughly 80%, to 19 million. Of Japan’s eight digital camera makers, the only one to log sales and profit growth in the most recent annual period through March 31 was Sony, and it was not due to gangbuster camera sales, but rather, the steps Sony took to wedge its technology inside the smartphone market.

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