33 people killed, dozens others wounded in Jonglei ethnic violence

House burnt to ashes during Baidit Payam, Bor County Jonglei attack

By Jacob Bol Mayar

At least 32 people have been killed and 18 others wounded in an attack on Baidit Payam, Bor County of Jonglei State, local authorities said.

Bor County Commissioner Yuot Alier Hok said raiders suspected to have come from neighbouring Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) stormed Baidit Payam and adjoining villages, located north of the state capital, Bor, at about 5 pm on Sunday, killed 32 people including 3 children –two boys and one girl – and wounded 18 others.

The attackers also torched houses and made away with 2,600 herds of cattle after the villagers fled for shelter Sunday evening.

“The number of the dead is 32 among which 3 are children, one girl and two boys and two are women, and the remaining number are old men and youth and 17 wounded. Three houses were burned down and the cattle raided are estimated to be 2,600 cows. some of the civilians in Baidit Payam run to the riverside for safety and the wounded people are in Bor state hospital where they are receiving medical attention,” Hok told Juba Monitor yesterday from Bor town.

He condemned the attack and called on Jonglei State and Greater Pibor authorities to end the inter-communal violence that has continued to claim hundreds of lives as neighbouring tribes of Dinka Bor, Nuer and Murle clashed over cattle.

The commissioner called on GPAA authorities to arrest the suspected raiders and return all stolen cattle.

Jai Adingornyia Aluat, Greater Pibor Administrative Area Minister of Information condemned the killing of innocent civilians and urged commissioners from his side to arrest the suspect once they return and bring them to book.

“These criminals are hindering peace between the GPAA and Jonglei State and during this season the cattle herders migrate from one water point to the next which is makes it difficult to monitor the movement of the people and government will do all it can to bring the criminals to justice,” Minister Aluat said.

Aluat said that for peace to prevail in the restive region, there was a need to comprehensively implement the several resolutions agreed during past peace conferences.

Early this month suspected criminals from GPAA raided over 1000 herds of cattle and left three people wounded in the same Payam of Baidit.

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