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30 days given to all NGOs to submit human resource policy

By  Emelda Siama John

All private sectors, Companies and NGOs have been given 30 days to review human resource policies and align them with the provisions of the Labour Act of 2017.

In an interview with Juba monitor, the undersecretary of the National Ministry of Labour, Mary Hillary Wani Pitia said that the policies for managing Human resources are like holidays that are given to the working staff in different companies.

“We are requesting that all the companies should align it to the labour Act of 2017 and the Human resource policies should reflect what is in labour Act and it should not be different,” she said.

She stated that they are asking all the institutions including Juba Monitor to have Human resource policies.

She further noted In Labour Act, they are saying at what time the employees would report to work and at what time they should depart and the staff should be given the annual leaves.

“For maternity leave, if a lady works and delivers, she should be given 90 days as a maternity leave and her husband should be given 2 weeks, Men who work in every company, and these are in labour Law,” she cites

“We want all these to be integrated into the Human Resource policies of all the employees and we want it to be done within 30 days,” she added.

She revealed that all are requested to submit the policies to the office of the undersecretary for review and approval within thirty days from the date of this circular.

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