Burundi emerges best in Cavendish University cultural festival


Burundian cultural group showcase their culture before being crowned the winner of Cavendish University cultural festival competition:

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Burundi’s culture was considered the best during the Cavendish University students’ cultural festival that was held on Saturday in Kampala Uganda. The festival also included food exhibition.

Students from South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Somalia, Eritrea, Democratic Republic Congo, Rwanda and Liberia were among those that participated in the event.

The Arasene group leader, who represented Burundian students, said they were excited and called on all political leaders across the continent to be united and fight common enemies such as diseases, poverty, tribalism and illiteracy that deprived Africa from prosperity.

Guild president of Cavendish University, Mading Beny-Til hailed the Burundian students for their best performance and urged those who did not win to double their efforts next time.

South Sudan was sixth and Liberia last.

Mr. Beny-Til said the winning team was generously rewarded according to the capacity of guild office. “The little thing we offered will support the team to progress well in the next cultural festival competition,” he said.

He congratulated the winning country as well as the administration of the University for the “wonderful support and commitment to shape a world-class University” with distinctive African cultures.

“We look forward with confidence to a long and successful mutual partnership as Cavendish grows while we continue to nourish and develop a close relationship with other universities around the world given our cultural diversity and beautiful values of African people,” Mr. Beny-Til said.

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