2023 elections stagger as parties are yet unprepared

The special representative of the Secretary General, Nicholas Haysom said the election will be possible in 2023 if the parties to the agreement agree and work together to finalize the constraints of the elections. Until yesterday when the load of worry was reduced an inch in the citizens after days of anxiety since the 2023 elections were announced to have not been possible during the SPLM-IO National Liberation Council meeting at Freedom Hall. As hopes of the citizens are centred around the election so as to elect a leader who never drags his/her country in war because of power, it was shocking to hear that elections may not be possible in 2023 as it is a violation of the agreement signed. South Sudanese have experienced all forms of sufferings during the wars of liberation struggle, and instead of enjoying the fruits of their suffering when South Sudan became independent in 2011, a war of unknown version broke out and continues being fought up to date. With this breathe of a fresh air brought about by the Revitalised Peace Agreement, citizens are more concerned with what furthers peace rather than with what takes people back to war, and that, the unassuredness of the major parties to the agreement on the status of elections worries the citizens and almost withdraws the responsibility of every citizen in the maintenance of peace. It’s undeniable that the warring parties are committed to the agreement, but the indelible commitment lies in the preparation of the election to take place as scheduled. Of course, if forces are being prepared now to be armed with sticks during the graduation, what can prevent elections from being conducted even if other processes are missing?To make it clearer, the arms are purchased abroad, and so, people’s hands are chained by arms embargo, but elections are not embargoed that South Sudan should fear of conducting them on time. Because the agreement is being implemented on compromise,it should be wise to carry out elections so that permanent peace prevails in South Sudan. 

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