Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Speaker Anthony Lino Makana of the national assembly is a man with moribund of issues as he is faced with pending impeachment from the august house. It has come to being that a number of members of parliament have grouped up to accuse the speaker of so many un-doing which could be true or not. It is my only hope that the MPs are right and have good reasons for their intended action. I met one of the members of parliament seeking to have this action taken to find out what would be the eminent reasons for their move against the speaker. Indeed he responded by saying that the house had failed to lead and direct effectively national issues under speaker Makana seeking the truth of the matter, l encountered yet another member of parliament who in his mind see all the intended action as ill-advised and motivated by selfishness which was being propagated by some individuals to character assassinate the image of the national assembly and the country. The timing and the proposals all are indicators of these mechanisms being put to implicate the speaker. This man was of the opinion that the three arms of the government that are the executive, the legislative and the judiciary should be handled with care when it comes to any form of misunderstanding as they are the key representative of the country and its people. Questions abound, could Lino Makana be that bad in his administration of the august house while going through his records of performance indicates some vital national achievements. Some of his 14 listed achievements from August 2016 to date speaks volume and can be summarized as success story of his work in collaboration with members of parliament and other arms of the government. The move to effect the impeachment reminds one of the Jesus Christ when he asked those who have not sinned to throw the first stone. Could there be something that the country would wish to know from the intended move of the speaker’s predicaments. The members of parliament have the right as the representatives of the people to take any action they deem fit to safeguard the integrity of the country. They have a right to impeach a leader whom in their domain they think was acting contrary to the law of the land or not performing. They have a right to protect the interests of the entire population, but these should be with truth and honest heart. Nothing should be above reproach because we are all brothers and sisters. Witch hunting has destroyed so many good things. It has to be kept in bay never to be released to associate with the open and honest minds. This is why in every situation there should be proper understanding and dialogue before any action which could destroy is taken. It is of importance to tread carefully because some planned action are not planned action as they may seem to be but created to divide the people and the country.    

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