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12 women and unknown number of men killed in Oguruny village

By Emelda Siama John

12 women and unknown number of men have been killed in Oguruny village, Hujang kingdom of  Otoho in a revenge attack.

Regina Ijufe an elder of Hujang kingdom said that the killings started in 2014after the death of her husband and still continue up to now.

She stated that two dead bodies were found in the bush within the same location 5 days ago and a small boy was also killed instead of his father.

“They openedthe door where the child was sleeping. Initially they wanted to kill the child’s father but instead they killed him and also an elderly man was shot in the hospital few days ago,|” said Ijufe.

She called upon the government to address the issue of  rampant killing in the area.

IlehaAkongo also an elder fromOguruny, said that they want their county to be free from any act of violence because many people have died in their village.

“We are in pain because of insecurity in our homeland. We need unity, peace, forgiveness, and love in our land,” she cited.

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