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FINANCIAL Constraints hit National Dialogue


Members of the National Dialogue Secretariat; [Photo by Nelson Mandela Denis]

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The National Dialogue steering committee has raised complaints of inadequate funds that impede its activities.

Mr. Zacharia Diing Akol, the head of research in the National Dialogue Secretariat on Friday said that the peace building body lacks financial support.

He said inadequate funds have prevented the National Dialogue team from reaching everyone across the country.

According to Zachariah, limited resources had also made it hard for the dissemination of information about the National Dialogue.

He said if they got support, they hoped to establish a newsletter to keep the citizens informed about its work.

Mr. Zacharia revealed that so far, it was the government that had been supporting them.

“The resources has not been coming regularly to enable us do our work effectively, there is no much support coming from outside, it’s the government that has been helping the project,” Zachariah said.

Despite the financial difficulty, Zachariah highlighted that the team visited Dr. Riek Machar in South Africa.

“To demonstrate the inclusivity of the project, the team went to South Africa to seek the views of Dr. Riek Machar, other achievements include the release of political detainees,” Zachariah said.

Government committed two billion South Sudanese Pounds to the project but according to Zacharia, they had so far received about 320 million South Sudanese Pounds.

The Deputy co-chair, Gabriel Yoal told Members of Parliament to find solutions to the problems facing the country.

The two day workshop that started on the 12th to the 13th of April was organized by the National Dialogue Secretariat Communication Unit with support from UNESCO.

The theme of the workshop was “Strengthening Dialogue for Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan”, funded by United Nations Peace Building Fund.

The National Dialogue launched by President Salva Kiir last year is a platform for South Sudanese to discuss ways of solving their own problems.

Many issues have been raised during consultations with grassroots including cattle raiding which has been a major cause of inter-communal fights.

Logo for new capital city approved

By Morris Dogga

The Transitional Government of National Unity on Friday approved a new logo for the proposed new capital city, Ramciel.

The Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth told journalists after the weekly Council of Ministers’ meeting that the government opted for one logo after three were presented to the council by the First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai.

“The technical committee came out with three proposed logos and after the deliberation of the three proposed logos, the Council of Ministers opted for one as the logo for the capital Ramciel-the new capital of the Republic of South Sudan,” Makuei said.

“The Logo as it was adopted; it is R and C with the writings Ramciel down. The colour is yellow but there is some dark yellow colour in it,” Makuei added.

He said the Logo was designed by a South Sudanese artist.  Makuei said the new logo will be availed accordingly.

Last year, President Salva Kiir formed a high level committee headed by the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai to fast track the development of Ramciel-the new proposed city for the country.

The government last year signed cooperation agreement with King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco in order to support the building of the proposed capital city.

Morocco had also accepted to facilitate the technical and financial feasibility studies which amounts up to US dollars 5.1 million.

According to the cooperation agreement, Morocco will also provide assistance to South Sudan government in the different phases of the project’s implementation, including financial and technical partnerships, and the development of South Sudanese expertise and know-how.

Defense Ministry proposes $45 million for road construction equipment

By Morris Dogga

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs on Friday tabled before the Council of Ministers a proposal worth 45 million dollars for the purchase of road construction equipment.

Michael Makuei told reporters on Friday that Kuol Manyang Juuk, the Minister of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs said the ministry said it was planning to establish a fleet of equipment for construction of roads across the country.

“The value for this equipment is to the sum of US dollars 45, 548, 420 for the purchase of so many equipment so that they continue to construct the roads instead of us waiting to engage companies all the time,” Makuei said on Friday after the Council of Ministers meeting.

But after deliberations, the Council of Ministers sent back to the ministry the document for further scrutiny after it found out some unclarified issues.

“The document was returned to the Ministry of Defence for further scrutiny and the involvement of the Ministry of Justice; the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Roads and Bridges,” he added.

Makuei revealed that  the project would be looked into as soon as possible so that the Defence Ministry start the construction of roads before Juba could  be cut off when the rainy season gets to its peak.

“With the beginning of the rain season, the question of roads becomes very difficult and as such the Ministry of Defence thought of setting up this project so that they start the construction of roads before Juba is cut off from other parts of the country,” he lamented.

According to the government spokesperson, once the army acquired the equipment, it would help reduce government’s expenditure on road construction since the army and other technocrats would do the job.

The Ministry of Defence signed the agreement with Ezentus Company to supply it with the equipment.








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