0ver 30 people trained on Federalism

By: Wek Atak Kacjang                                                    

At least 40 people including women, youth and traditional leaders are undergoing a federalism training in Juba. The training of trainers was organized by the Ministry of Federal Affairs with funding from the Swiss Government.

Addressing the trainees yesterday, Dr. Richard K. Mulla Minster of Federal Affairs said the training was very important as they want the population to know what federalism is.

He said the Ministry of Federal Affairs in order to prepare South Sudanese for federal system and governance, adding for long time the country has been operating under decentralization system.

“Many people say the current aspect of our constitution is federal but we are saying it is not federal enough. Yes, there are aspects of federalism in the current constitution but it’s not federal enough in order to be fully implemented. We need to do more,” Mulla said.

He said with the support from the Swiss Embassy, they planned to reach out to 32 states.

Maurice Engueleguele, a representative from International IDEA said citizens of each country have the right to choose the form of government they want.

He stressed that South Sudanese have made their choice of federalism but said they observed some misunderstanding around federalism in this country.

Maurice said after the training the group is expected to explain why federalism matters in building sustainable peace, saying the trainees would create clear awareness in a balance manner on issues related to federalism.

The training of trainers’ workshop on federalism for representatives of the youth, women and traditional leaders brought together 40 participants including 10 representatives from each of the three greater regions of South Sudan.

This is the second time the Ministry of Federal Affairs organized training on federalism after members of the press received training on the same topic last week.

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