With top military command having agreed to teamwork in order to realize a smooth implementation of the unified structure agreed by the key signatories, it fits well when gender and other underrepresented groups are included to make sure the agreement or does not move backward instead of going forward. During a joint briefing that involved the South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF), Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO), and South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA), the top military generals vowed never to return the country back to war by working hand in hand with one another in order to implement the agreement signed. The inclusion of women in the command structure makes the agreement weightier and brings it closer to unanimous embracement by all genders. On the other hand, groups suffering underrepresentation should be taken into consideration to bridge the gap which may make the agreement have hiccups. South Sudan has suffered a lot during the wars that this agreement has ended, therefore all the citizens are for what makes the signed agreement implemented fully to allow them to stay at peace with one another. With the recent havoc that caused tensions in Juba a few weeks ago, the citizens are still taking refuge in neighboring countries who are being called to return home to embrace peace almost withdrew with claims that the war was still on, but when the signatories coalesced to extinguish that wound-abrading tension, life returned to normal and the embracement of the Revitalized Peace Agreement continued. Of course, had that tension not occurred, other complicated segments of the agreement would not have been implemented on time as it moved with one gear. However, the agreement reached on the unification of forces has pushed the peace agreement closer to its full implementation, but when it becomes inclusive, it will push it more.

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