Your world is not falling apart

By Ngor Khot Garang

It is easy to feel defeated, it is okay to cry over the loss of someone you loved with your heart, it is part of life to be skeptical of whether you will wake up in the morning or not, it is hard to imagine how your future would be if you look at your present situation and you saw nothing encouraging.

You may feel like your world is breaking apart, you may want to grab life by the horns but you find that there is no courage to do so. Your whole life is full of hopelessness and fears about tomorrow; fears of where to get food, school fees or medical bills for your family, fears of whether you will live tomorrow or not.

But I tell you, whatever your worries are, you should not feel that your world is breaking apart; things are falling in the right place. We all had our worries and struggles and those who normally win are those who accept to fight every battle that life places in their hands.

Nobody is immune from suffering or daily struggle, it is the only way to go, and you have to go through some stuff to get what you want out of life. Nothing is free in life, even the small rats had to work hard running the whole night to store food for themselves and they don’t complain because it is what life has given them.

If there has been someone you know that was born with everything, then it is right for you to complain that why is my life like this, why is my life so empty? But if you have ever seen a new born child, you will believe that all the wealth and successes of life come from the right application of our arms.

If you think you are here on earth by luck and not by decision, you better think twice because every human being who is here on earth has a reason why he/she is here. This world is not our destiny but we were called here on a mission to play our role and to leave the world a better place than we found it for generations coming after us.

Therefore, whatever the situation you are in or the hardships you may be going through, you have to remember that the dawn will break and your worries and fears would vanish like a morning dew, the pains of the struggle and rejection will eventually get healed and you will live as a new person, someone that nobody thought you would possibly be.

Never lose hope even if your world seems to be drying up in your face. Things will eventually change for the better, the people who in your hardship used to laugh at you will be the same people who will smile at you and say I wish I knew, I wish I had not treated you like that, I never knew the world would ever turn the other side of the coin to the people that we thought were the disadvantaged ones.

So, get up, wash your face and see where life is leading you. Pray so that you see who you were made to be, there is someone you have not yet become and he/needs you to dig inside yourself.

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