You are bigger than your problems

By Ngor  Khot  Garang

 Many of us live without hope for the future. You just hear people saying the future is bleak, if not hopeless.  Some are not in good health; others have financial woes where they spend their last hard-earned 100 SSP and they start thinking where will they get their next meal. In schools some are not doing well in classes.  The same thing applies to business, you try to start a small business for yourself with hope that, it would flourish only to find that you stumbled and you never rise again. In relationships, some people feel cheated by their spouses and feel like breaking up is the only best thing they could do.  It could be that someone you loved so much with all your heart passed away, leaving you wondering how are you going to live the rest of your life without them. Sometimes you may lose a job; it makes you also wondering, where you will get food to put on the table for your family. You think like your world is falling apart. You go to bed and try to take rest but all you could see is the dark part of the world. You get up and kneel down while praying to ask God to open doors for you, then the next morning came and to your dismay, things seemed unchanged or even getting worse. Therefore, you begin to loss hope and think of giving up or even feel like early death is the only option. That is how we all feel when difficulties hit us in the face but let me quote something here “if you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” We allow the challenges we encounter in our everyday life to sidetrack us from our true purpose and failed to realize that all the difficult times we are going through are just meant to build us for greater things. You must learn that life is twist and turn, today you are grieving and tomorrow you will be celebrating your achievement. This   path is inevitable; in fact there are things we expect in life. Some of these may seem like they were meant to harm us when they are truly not. And to resist this needs a strong heart. God placed you in that situation for greater things over these difficulties.  Everything you are experiencing or the sufferings you are going through today are temporaries and you would soon get out from it.

You need to rid yourself of wrong beliefs that you were meant to stumble and never recover. That’s not true at all because everything has time in life and these difficulties were there before your creation.  When you tried in class, in business or somewhere else in life and nothing materialized even when you know from your heart that you have given it your best. Never think of giving up or think that your life has reached to the point where it has become useless. That is not the mind of high-achievers, that’s not the mind of someone who is hopeful for something greater than his problems. Because what comes to your mind is what builds you and destroys you at the same time. There are some men and women who are not with us today. Those who would have shaped their world have given up. Some of these people succumbed to life-threatening challenges and gave in at their first trial. Some were discriminated while others found themselves in a situation they do not want and then they made it clear that  Other people had given up  at the moment when the sun was rising up for them.  Just imagine the great impacts these people would have made in this world had they only remained firm. Had they endured that situation, the world would have paid them.  Could you see what self-doubt and discontentment had cost them? This is the right time you should examine your life critically; there is no setback which is bigger than you.  You have the right to live a life you want. You have the right to be whatever kind of person you wished to be. Don’t let the world deceive you to believe that you cannot make it.  You should not let those challenges to cripple your hope for tomorrow; you must stand tall, tighten your belt and accept every obstacle as a stepping stone to your destination. I understand how you feel; I even know how it is to face the world with a smile when you are crying inside. But there must be a reason as to why you are still living today. There must be a reason why God took his precious time to make you just the way you are; you are great, healthy, beautiful and able. You’re a great gift to your family, community if not the whole world. And I wonder if there is anything if not your own arms or heart that can let you down, no matter how little or small you think you’re. You are bigger than your life situations; you’re greater than your problems, if you doubt this, or still having hard times believing in your inability and strength to conquer every challenge you have. Remember you are who you are before the world taught you to doubt yourself. Don’t see yourself in the eyes of those who see you as of no value. Those who identify you by the clothes you wear. There are those who judge you by your physical appearance and where you live. See yourself as a victor regardless of what people think about you. There is no permanent condition as they say.

Live your life rightfully, because it is the only gift you have in this world. Tomorrow will never be the same.


The writer is a high school student. He can be reached via email:

ngorjacob7@gmail.com or mobile: 0925405723


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