Words have power

By Akol Arop Akol

In the beginning God has no workers but we learnt that everything was commanded to appear. He said let there be light and it appeared. He also said let there be all types of creatures on Earth and they happened exactly. Now we have learned that everything was called upon by God. It shows us that words have power. Words can bring blessing or curse.

Anything that we speak out can take place. If you bless someone, you will be blessed but if you curse someone you will be cursed too. This means your tongue has a power to let wonders happen and the fellow human can also do the same. This power is inherited by Humans from God and thus everything we say good or bad will happen. We have to know to use our words properly and morally to avoid destruction.

Most of us speak anyhow to any person they meet yet they don’t know the results of what they say. They can break people’s hearts. When you insult a person, he or she will feel disrespected because that is a form of abuse. It will make them feel hopeless and useless because the insults lower their self-esteem.

Humans take abuses serious and feel discouraged while some don’t even care whether you write the insults on their shoulders or talk about their names. You will abuse them the way you want but will never bring you down. They feel shameless. Others say you will never be taken to Hospital because of insults.

But others think like you have intension of destroying their lives. So you will make them lose dignity and make you the real enemy.

In our society today, we have people who talk like they have gone to the school of talkativeness. They say whatever their mouths can and never first reason that their words are disgraceful and hurtful to others. Their words are like poison to the community because they confuse people.

They act like trusted and smart people but in a short time run to street with open mouth and preach rumors. As they are good in convincing and attract listeners, it is easy to like and accept their words. Today there is confusion, war of words and war of weapons. People are hating themselves. Their problems are rooted from immoral words spoken. So you need to close your ears to avoid being deceived with fake information.

Humans has power of words, when someone tells you something and you believe, it will happen. As you want not to be told hurtful words also control your tongue. There is a time you feel speaking out to please or entertain people. Personally, do you know the words of your mouth will cause problems if you misuse them? The wars that are taking placing over the world are the results of conflicting words.

People especially politician’s use bad words against the fellow humans and countries and when others try to defend their rights it causes misunderstanding and fighting erupts out. In order to make our communities peaceful and progressive, we need to use moral words that do not hurt others and we shall always live in Harmony.

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