W J De King, South Sudan peace singer in Uganda performing during the Refugees Road Run in Arua police Ground (Photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry)

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

South Sudanese famous singer WJ De King is in Bidibidi refugee camp for the International World Refugee Day.

Speaking to Juba Monitor from the camp, WJ De King encouraged South Sudanese refugees in Uganda not to lose hope.

“I have come all along from South Sudan to entertain and encourage my countrymen not to worry although they are living in hard conditions in Uganda,” he said.

“No condition is permanent, one day all South Sudanese will go back home with the peace deal that has been signed,” the artist added.

WJ stressed that across the continent it was not only South Sudanese who were living as refugees, saying the widespread conflict in Africa has affected every country.

He said those living in the camps should know that God has not forsaken

“Remember that Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Ethiopia had been in war. Whatever had happened all South Sudanese need to live together and forgive each,” WJ said.

He urged the parents in refugee camp to teach their children forgiveness and not tribalism as they were expected to come back home with a new spirit of love.

He hailed the government for hosting South Sudanese and appealed to the South Sudan’s leaders to work for peace

The artist said the refugees were facing many challenges including land shortage yet there was abundant land in their country. However, WJ blamed the war for their sufferings.


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