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With Odongo Odoyo

The political temperature in mounting or building up with politicians coming to reality that the count-down is with us and soon there will be a new government under the new arrangement. Many are spending sleepless nights or trying to draw the attention so that they may be considered or included in the next order. This is always the worst moment in the life of a politician. They are grouping, and criss-crossing all avenues to draw attention. Some have forgotten that there is something important to be done to the people which would even make their work easier should they be lucky to be included in the next order. Peace. Sometime, those who are not affiliated to any political order are lucky because they have to balance the act and do not spend sleepless nights or worry themselves beyond except articulate what is of interest to the general public. They are the majority who make things move or work for the politicians. These are the electorates who are very important to politicians when that time comes. That time will soon come after the coming order is put in place, but all said and done, there must be peace for this to effectively succeed. Sometimes people forget very quickly. They must know the need and priority of the common-man and the country. The truth is that, no development can take shape economically or politically if the cherished peace is not brought home for keep and nursed to grow within the different communities. Not all politicians but some have been low-bent to make it impossible for peace to take roots in the society. They have to be told that a big no is a big no. They should start reading the signs of the time and accept the wish and the will of the people. This will be able to guide them to realize that they were being left behind and that it was time to join the race and move forward together. No man is an island of himself. We all need to live with one another. We all need to interact peacefully with our neighbours. We need friends in and out. While politicians are “counting down to the D- day”. They should create space for peace to everyone as being championed by President Salva Kiir. All should be able to sing the song so that when they get to their expected new positions for that matter if they are lucky, then they will have a peaceful environment to operate in. For us our count-down priority has and remains to be the restoration of peace in every part of the country. People need to go about their businesses without fear of the known or unknown. People should sleep without thinking of known or unknown gun-men. People need to wake up in the morning and take their children to school or prepare them for the day in a peaceful atmosphere. This is where l belongs. That peace should have come yesteryear than today. But we are sure peace is here to stay. Let all prioritize peace that will guide politicians to the countdown.

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