Western Lakes state speaker take oath of office

Chol Kuotwel Manhom speaker of Western Lakes State Legislative Assembly during the

swearing in-ceremony (Photo Credit: Mabor Riak Magok)

By Mabor RiakMagok
The speaker of Western Lakes State Legislative Assembly Chol Kuotwel Manhom was sworn in on Monday.
The ceremony was presided over by the State High Court Judge at the state parliamentary hall.
Governor of Western Lakes State, John Deng Mamer has urged the lawmakers to cooperate with executive and SPLM state secretariat for peace and stability.
“I would like to inform every citizen that Western Lakes State is peaceful and everyone is free to travel and pass via Rumbek roads without fear of insecurity,” he said.
He said security along Juba-Rumbek road has significantly improved since he was appointed governor of Western Lakes state.
The newly sworn in speaker of Western Lakes State Legislative Assembly Chol Kuotwel Manhom apologized to the August house if he had wronged anyone during his tenure in office as the deputy speaker.
“We have worked very successfully during the community peace dialogues across Western Lakes State and this is the same spirit we shall use to reconcile our community at the grassroots,” Manhom said.
“As members of parliament, we will support our governor John Deng Mamer in his effort to repatriate displaced persons to their ancestral homes. This is the only way to bring peace and stability among the communities of Western Lakes State,” he said.
The SPLM Secretary General for Western Lakes State Chol Dut Ajing appreciated the new speaker and recognized his call for team.
He said SPLM Party in the state secretariat was ready to cooperate with the state assembly and executive in order to bring changes among communities.
The swearing in ceremony was attended by the general public, representatives of international and national organizations and government officials.

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