Western Lakes Governor summoned over attempt to create more Counties

 By Morris Dogga

The Council of States yesterday summoned the Governor of Western Lakes State, Matur Chut Dhuol over his attempts to create more Counties in the State.

The governor had requested the Council of States to approve the creation of more counties and amalgamation of some communities into other counties.

The Council however raised concerns over the failure of the governor to follow the legal processes.

Anisia Achieng Karlo Ochan, the Chairperson of the Decentralized Governance and States Affairs in the Council of States said the governor did not follow some of the legal procedures to be considered in creating a county.

“We need the community who are requesting for the counties and that should include population, the distance, the sustainability or insecurity. But these legal attachment were lacking,” she told the press after the sitting.

Governor Matur had told the Council of States that he wanted to create more counties because people in his state were having a lot of problems.

The Council however resolved to form a committee to study the demand of the governor.

The Committee which is yet to be formed would also be tasked to go to Western Lakes State to meet with the local communities.

Achieng said for the Council of States to approve the creation of county, they would have to put into consideration some factors including population and the geographical location of the area.

She explained that following the creation of the 32 States and Abyei Administrative Area, the Council agreed that the population from 30,000 to 100,000 can make a county but for distanced places, a population between 5,000 to 30,000 people can be considered for a county.

Achieng added that the State Assembly will first deliberate on the governor’s request and make recommendations for the governor to come to the Council of States quoting the local Government Act, the state Constitutions and Conduct of Business.



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