Western Lakes calls for calm after killing of Chief

By Mabor Riak Magok

Western Lakes State Minister of Information and Communication had appealed to the relatives and family of the slain chief to remain calm.

Chief Mayek Biling was killed on Sunday with his son when they were traveling to Akot Payam in Eastern Bahr Naam County to attend a peace conference between the bordering communities of Western and Eastern Lakes States.

Minister Majak Isaac Ror urged all the Youth in the area not to retaliate but to give the government a chance to investigate and arrest the culprits.

“We are calling upon everybody in the area to remain calm and allow the government to investigate and arrest the culprits because the late Sultan Mayek Biling died as a peace maker,” said Majak Isaac.

The Commissioner of Eastern Bahr Naam County, Mabor Makuac Ater explained that the group of armed men shot and killed Chief Mayek Biling while going for peace meetings.

“The chief was killed as he was travelling to Akot to attend a peace conference. His son known as Ater Mayek who was riding the motorcycle was also killed by the attackers,” he said.

He pointed out that the planned peace conference had to collapse after the killing of the chief and his son.

Local officials and youth activists called on the national government in Juba to investigate the killing of the long-serving Executive Chief Mayek Biling together with his son.

The Commissioner condemned the incident. He accused armed groups from Aluak-Luak area of Eastern Lakes State of carrying out the killing.

The planned peace dialogue was organized by SAFERWORLD between Western and Eastern Lakes States.

Chief Mayek Biling Ater had been a long-serving Executive Chief in the area. He hailed from Yek in the present Eastern Bahr Naam County.


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