We have now learned

By Akol Arop Akol

We have learned now that one hand cannot clap, one stick can be broken but when many are combined they are harder and stronger. When people unite and support one another there is nothing to defeat them.

Our unity as one people from the past years was a thing of pride and power. But soon become blinded or fooled by those who hate our progress and ended up confused, misused and then refused.

A good friend is one who is always helpful and peaceful, but a hostile and helpless friend is ignored or people don’t associate with. In our case South Sudan was perfect in the beginning but sometimes it got sick of division, crime, abuses, corruption and conflicts that resulted into deaths and displacement of people to different parts of the world. It is the consequence of our own doings but particularly, the blame goes to them who put us in hardship again.

Now we have learned why it important to unite, share and backup one another. We would not be able to solve our problems using the same mentality that caused them. Dialogue is the key.

We must speak for our right through words but not weapons; it is not the best way. The question is, what have we achieved after conflicts and economic crisis? It is not the same peace we have chased away with guns and knives that we are kneeling today to welcome it into our lives?

We have then learned that life-standard was affordable in the past but currently facing it rough. We have learned how the poor economy has affected our daily lives because some have given up from growing their crops only putting their hearts on things coming abroad.

However, the farmers may not be blamed a lot because a great number of them is serious to cultivate but because of conflicts, they fear to go to the farm. Then there is a possibility of severe hunger and we shall learn moreover how life will become. Do we need to curse the land or ourselves? South Sudan is a land which is an innocent non-living thing. It is not the problem but the living humans in it.

The environment is dirty, fearful and we are the roots cause. Breaking out of disease and claiming lives is a lesson of poor sanitation and limited health care centers.

We have learned that the destruction of our land is in our hands. We are the liberators or the transformers. We must also learn that we are required to promote peace and make development

We have learned that lack of responsibility and care has resulted into despair of children. The same children we failed to raise up are outside there causing problems that will put us down. Being homeless there only shows our inability and lack of love from parents. They feel hated and neglected. Where is the future generation when the young ones are mistreated?

We have now learned that our laziness and pride have not brought us any good. What is a dirty job? Is it not money that we need out of any office or hand work? We are now able to work whatever job we got such as to make a living which is a good sign. Everyone is becoming a hard worker.

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