Water supply restored in Juba Town

Water flows from a tap (Photo: Mandela Nelson Denis)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Water supply to residents of Juba has resumed after nearly two weeks of non-supply.

The water supply resumed yesterday to the excitement of many residents including one called Mama Romeo who immediately gathered all her empty jerry cans to fill from the water tap.

She told Juba Monitor that with resumption of water, they have returned to their normal lives.

“We thank God that our dry taps can now produce water again after we experienced all the sufferings due to the broken pipes as many people said, my only prayer is that the water should be forever,”Mama Romeo said.

For Jimmy Lumori said that it was an opportunity to wash his dirty clothes which he had kept since water shortage hit the area.

“I came home for lunch only to find my neighbors jubilating because water came back. I am very happy and I’m going to use this chance to make sure I fill my empty drums with water and wash all my dirty clothes,” Lumori said.

Gisman Osman a pregnant woman was so happy when the tap in her compound produced water.

“I thank the authority for fixing the water problem and this has saved me from walking to the river side to fetch water,”she said.

One insider at urban water co-operation who spoke on condition of anonymity told Juba Monitor that the water shortage in Juba was caused by broken pipe meant to supply Juba town residents.

The source revealed that the broken pipe was fixed and all the areas in Juba town could get water.

The water shortage in Juba lasted for almost two weeks forcing many residents to look for other ways of getting water such as River Nile water.

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