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VISION, Red Army March for Change

By Peter James Loruba

The Executive Director of Red Army Foundation, Paul Malual Ajak has disclosed his foundation’s plans for the country.

Red Army plans to transform the lives of street children through vocational skills so that they can be able to take care of their wellbeing.

“We have a center in Terekeka and we want to collect the street children there so that they can get education in fields such as agriculture, carpentry, metal works. We have the center and land in Terekeka this is a program of Red Army,” Paul said.

He was speaking during the celebrations to mark the eighth anniversary of the Independence Day on 9th July at their headquarters in Korok.

Paul said the Red Army will recruit school children into their ranks and file so that they can take up the foundation’s leadership in future.

He said the foundation will protect and preserve the historical things of the country and will continue to serve the people of South Sudan in partnership with the government.

Antipas Nyoc, the advisor of the Red Army thanked the liberation movement and everyone who worked together with President Salva Kiir in restoring peace in the country.

He lauded the group for the revolutionary and prophetic songs they composed and sang during the struggle.

“It’s God who put those songs in your mouth because Red Army said the country of South Sudan stood in Torit but we shall take it from Torit to Juba and this is what happened. These songs might have been composed in 1985 but we brought the country to Juba in 2005 that was a prophecy which was not easy” Antipas said.

The ambassador the Red Army said it took South Sudan 1,370 years to attain self-rule from the Arabs who came to Sudan at 634 AD which is not an easy feat

He said it is only a matter of time before the county’s problems are resolved.

“God will take away all the problems in the country and make South Sudan the greatest in the whole world.”

He drew laughter from the crowd when he said if proper planning is done for the country, God will come for celebrations in South Sudan and will be here during the resurrection day

The chief guest who is the Chairperson of SPLM Red Army league Samuel Duwar urged everyone taking refuge at refugee camps and PoC to return home and embrace peace.

He also requested people with arms to move to the cantonment sites

“We were all born in South Sudan and we shall remain South Sudanese together despite our different ethnic backgrounds, we remain one people, one nation, a nation which was founded on factual realities,” he said.

The Red Army Foundation boasts of its members that are now medical doctors, engineers, police officers among others.

The foundation wants to nature a new generation that will improve and serve the country better.

The foundation organized a jubilant event at their head office in Korok and was largely attended by its members in Juba.

The national patriotic veteran’s organization was organized for the purpose of tracing, organizing, supporting and empowering the foundation for the past seven years.


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