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Wit Odongo Odoyo

I have time and again warned those who are rumour-mongering and those false prophets of doom. They capitalize on flimsy issues and magnify them to suit their own cause. Irresponsible and unconfirmed information spread without proper foundations are meant to derail the expected good intended for the benefit of the public. This is what happened when the den of rumours and their prophets coined out another-one, this time under-rating efforts being put by the government in bringing peace to the people and the country. They took their hunch towards the vice president Dr. James Wani Igga to distort and misrepresent facts as they were uttered by the honorable doctor. It is not for me or one of us but when facts are misrepresented and attributed to someone of Dr. Igga’s status, then, there are all indications that it is maliciously and intentionally attributed. It also point out that there could be politics at play. Dr. Igga was in Torit for peace mission. He could not turn around and say the opposite. If anything, his contribution to the peace process cannot be under-estimated and is well known to all peace loving citizens. These rumours or innuendoes are geared towards either diverting attention or derailing the peace cause which has been brought home after a lot of struggle by the leaders on both sides.Dr. Igga’s office came out to clarify the position of the vice president and the government as detailed below.


“Igga’s office refutes allegations against government position on peace


By Kidega Livingstone

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga through his Press Secretary has refuted allegations, against the government’s position on the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Recently    Independent Igga’s office refutes allegations against government position on peace

Border Commission (IBC) website published an item that the Vice President Dr. Igga allegedly stated the

government was neither interested in nor concerned with the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Wani Igga’s Press Secretary, Kalisto Lado Faustino Nyigilo said that the Office of the Vice President refuted all the allegations made by the writer who did not revealed his name in the article published on the IBC’s website.


He described the writer as “enemy and spoiler of peace”.

“This writer wrote that, while in Torit State the Vice President stated that the government is neither interested in nor concerned with the implementation of the September 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement because it was imposed on the people of South Sudan by foreign interventions without any financial support from the international  community,” said Lado.

“For sure this writer is one of the enemies of peace who are working day and night by writing rubbish on the social media and website with intention of driving people to spoil peace in the country,” he added.

He emphasized the position of the government on peace process is clear. “The government is determined to implement peace agreement in letter and spirit,” he said.

“This is fake news because Dr. James Wani Igga the Vice President is one of the strong supporters of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and he has demonstrated this by appealing to the people of Torit to embrace peace and support the government in ensuring the national dialogue’s  success because the Revitalized Peace Agreement and national dialogue are complementary to each other,” Lado added.

He revealed that in his tour to Torit State, Dr. Igga’s was delegated by President Salva Kiir to disseminate the Revitalized Peace Agreement and assure the people of Torit that the war has ended and peace has come.”

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