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Two suspects arrested over Bor NSS – gangs fighting

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least two young men suspected to have been ring leaders of Bor National Security Service (NSS) and gangs fighting have been arrested in connection to the incident.

On Tuesday evening, fighting erupted between the National Security Service soldiers and group of niggas or “negros” at Bor Freedom Square during the Independence Anniversary celebration.

At least five people were reportedly wounded including four police officers during the incident when the NSS soldiers shot out to calm the situation according to the state authorities.

Another eye witness who preferred to be anonymous due to fear of reprisal blamed the National Security for randomly shooting at civilians even after when the bunch of criminals were flashed out.

Jonglei State Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang told Juba Monitor yesterday that the two suspects were being held at Jonglei police station for further investigations.

She revealed that they would be able to provide an account to the incident.

“In connection to Tuesday’s incident, two people have been arrested. These are young men who are suspected to have been ring leaders of the fighting from the various members. Since they attacked the National security soldiers, they will give account of the process,” she narrated.

Ms. Manyang pointed out that there were no soldiers arrested behind the shooting, claiming that the security personnel were acting in self defense.

She dismissed the allegation that the National Security personnel assigned to Bor town were causing human rights violations and other atrocities.

She insisted that the soldiers were just safeguarding the welfare of the residents in Jonglei state without physical confrontation of the civilians.

“There were no many people who shot out, the person who was shooting acted in self defense when these gangs were about to attack him and burn the vehicle. So that was when he shot on the ground and of course bullets can’t get controlled since they were many people,” she said.

Ms. Manyang also rubbished the claims that the National Security were randomly shooting at civilians in the town describing it as “a rumor and fabricated lies” without basis.

“What we know was one person who shot but he was trying to stop these groups from coming near the soldiers and that was how the shooting when on,” she said.

She said that the shooting resulted when the soldiers were overpowered by group of niggas.

Ms. Manyang revealed that the state government has formed a committee led by the Governor’s advisor on Security Affairs to give a fact finding statement within three days prompt.

“As I speak now, there is a committee formed to investigate the incident. The committee is being led by the Governor’s advisor on Security Affairs Gen. Maduk Yuang. They are to present their findings within three days,” she said.

While speaking to Juba Monitor on Wednesday, Moses Adul Abednego, Inspector of Administration at Criminal Investigation Department in Jonglei said that the state police department was still determining the cause of the problem before the final investigations.

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