Langabu Youth Cultural Association Celebrates South Sudan Independence Day

By Christopher Sebit


In a colourful environment marked by Lokoya traditional dance and peace songs, Langabu Youth Cultural Association (LYCA) expressed loudly and clearly the spirit of patriotism and hosted the flag of South Sudan in a way that attracted attention of diverse ethnic groups inhabiting Gumbo, Hai Zarawi residential area. It was really a peace building exercise that excited the author to extent of joining the dance.

The 9th July 2019 celebration’s program commenced with a word of prayer from Rev. Charles Lado Satero Lolik who pointed out that many of our people know history, but only very few are capable of moving history forward in a way benefiting  the people of South Sudan.

“We should identify those individuals with abilities to honestly build and move our country forward in a positive manner for the coming generations.

We have reached a critical moment in our history that requires taking honest, tough and unshakable decisions free of fear if we are to survive as one people”, stressed Rev. Lolik.

Ladu Louis, a member of LYCA said that the Langabu youth fully support, John Subek Saturlino Kenyi, the newly appointed Commissioner of Lirya County.

He critically observed that the Lokoya elders are not so much divided as it is the youth. “Let this year’s Independence Day bring peace and love among the Lokoya. LYCA was formed to unite our people”, he concluded.

Gumbo, Hai Zarawi area representative, Mathew Lado Pio advised the Langabu youth to behave responsibly and to work in solidarity with other youth to promote South Sudan.

“We want you to respect elders. Many of you do not Know Lokoya language. Our women who dress a Lokoya traditional dress do not speak Lokoya language. Elders should encourage youth development activities”, Pio said.

The chairperson of LYCA, Oyom Dominic said that LYCA was created to strengthen and revive Lokoya culture. “Financially, we are poor.

It is not easy for us to move safely from Lirya to Langabu because of bad road. Langabu Payam lacks health services; drags are scarce; it experiences high shortage of water; Ofiri and Okire bomas have one water-pump each which frequently breaks down”, Oyom remarked.

The women representative, Hellen Nakidong said that Lokoya women lack cooperation, only few respond to issues to do with togetherness. “We should advise our children to behave well. We must avoid discriminations of all kinds”, Nakidong told the gathering.

On his part, elder Samuel Lado Kenyi said that Langabu is likely to collapse because those entrusted with responsibility are busy running after money. “LYCA should not be politicized.

Wrong politics and greed should not continue to divide Langabu people. We should find a way out of division”, he advised.

Abraham Ohide, Chairperson of Langabu Development Committee encouraged LYCA to promote Lokoya culture in order to bring about true strong unity of Lokoya.

He went further to pinpoint that cultural development is strength that enables the Lokoya define their destiny, unite and move forward as one united people.

The guest of honour, Silvestro Omini Balla, the Deputy Mayor for Administration and Finance in JCC told the gathering that many Lokoya elders have served as responsible senior government officials in Juba and Torit, but you the youth of today are deviants. “You don’t listen to elders’ advices.

Langabu Payam is rich in terms of economic resources that can be utilized in development. Let us unite and build Langabu”, Balla said.

In the course of celebration, the LYCA performed a drama reflecting how the people of Langabu battle with hardships emanating from inadequate health services and poor roads. In spite of all these hardships, the dramatists reminded the audiences of Lokoya strong spirit of keeping touch with God at times of overwhelming situations. That is at time of overwhelming circumstances, the Lokoya usually say, “Ojok hidang” meaning my God.

During the occasion too, a cultural son that say “amojo nang dohoi Christo eyanu ahabula dimiji” meaning I pray to you Jesus Christ to bring peace and blessing to our village.

The author congratulates LYCA for organizing a traditional dance to celebrate the 8th South Sudan Independent Day. LYCA has done a fantastic national obligation that deserves applaud and good wishes not only from the Government, but also from the people of South Sudan. Let the God the Almighty bless LYCA!

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