TINTED Car windows banned again

A tinted imported Japanese Toyota Town ace Noah (file photo)

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

The Minister of Interior Michael Changjiek has issued a Ministerial Order banning tinted car windows and numberless vehicles in the country.

This is the second time tinted car windows have been banned. In January 2017, the Interior Minister issued similar order banning the use of tinted glass vesicles across the country except for members of the National Security and Intelligence Service.

The banning was a measure to minimize heightened crimes among them, abduction, rape of women and girls believed to have been committed using vehicles with tinted glasses.

However in November 2018 the government revoked the order after the National Traffic Police issued an administrative order allowing the previously banned cars imported with rear tinted glasses to move without restrictions.

In a Ministerial Order dated 29th March 2019 obtained by Juba Monitor, the Minister instructed the Inspector General of Police and the Security Subcommittee to implement the order with immediate effect.

The order equally banned the carrying of any heavy machine gun by VIP protection force. It also restricted ministers to enter the Presidential Palace with only one bodyguard and one driver, all ministers shall be allocated four bodyguards two from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and two from VIP Unit.

South Sudan National Police Deputy Spokesperson Col. James Dak Carlo told Juba Monitor that the order has been directed to the IGP Majak Akec Malou for implementation.

He added that the Police Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin had received a copy of the order but was out of the office at the time.

“The order came from the President to the Interior Minister and to the IGP. They are working on it now,” Carlo told Juba Monitor yesterday.

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