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With Odongo Odoyo

There would be a memorandum of understanding between the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the Kenya Revenue Authority for some cargos coming through Mombasa Port to be exempted from taxes. This move would ease and lessen the burden faced by many cargos and items meant to be used by the larger population, mostly food and basic humanitarian items. For some time now there has been silent stand-off of cargo clearance with agents dealing in goods coming to Juba raising a number of issues and their frustrations at the port. The Government through the Ministry of Trade and East African Community coming in to address their Nairobi counterparts over the matter. Silently, they have been working out ways of amicably resolving the stand-off. That the two neighboring revenue institutions have come out to seal the taxes deal is something worth commending. This is the kind of neighbourhood that is required. Issues that affect people of the two countries are resolved peacefully and in time to stop any possible suffering of the people. It is worth to commend the action which led to the two revenue authorities coming together. There are still more areas to be tackled for the benefit of the two sisterly countries. There should always be consultations since the port of Mombasa serves as the lifeline to many countries in the region, this country included. It would be pointless to sign an MOU today and have a change of heart through action tomorrow. Let basic goods that are being brought to help the larger population be brought through understanding with the shortest time frame possible and less taxes if possible. Ways should be found to actualize this good intention.

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