Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

For me and my house l will pray the lord always because I have seen his hand-work on me. Today the country is witnessing a peaceful eight celebrations of |Independence which has been elusive for a long time since the attainment of self-rule. For this came after the struggle which resulted in the death of millions of liberators. It is time to take stock and stop thinking of ever-going to war or creating another conflict.  Within and or among us. The last eight years have been unbearable. Down from the date of independence, only after two years hell broke-up which was brought under-semblance of control but it again flared up in the some three years later. Life has never been a bed of roses across the country as President Kiir troupe around the world to ensure peace was brought home at all costs. Since last year, after the signing of the current peace agreement, there are hope and hopes. People can afford to smile to one another. They can afford to get engaged in few if not little of development activities with the hope that all will be well when and if collectively the next government of national unity is formed and takes off the ground. It is with this hope that all support are being given or accorded the leadership so that the country can reach its destination of positive development and up-holding the rule of law that befits a common-man and the country at large. This nobody should debate about because that person would be derailing the on-going process. It is not now when we all need to be on board and move, talk, walk and smile together for the prosperity of the nation and the future generation. I have always asked each and every one to account for his/her contributions this far we have come. What can one be proud of being remembered with. People have the notion that you must be so and so in a big position to make a contribution mark to the nation. This is a wrong notion. That mama mboga in Konyo Konyo. That carpenter in Jebel or that mason in Gumbo has something important to contribute to the development of this country. It does not matter, there are areas which must be developed and these will only need someone, you and me, to make all walk towards peace together. It is my humble request that as we are crossing this long-painful path to everlasting peace, there should be a forgiving heart and the unforgiving syndrome that can only crate unstoppable fire and flame. This forgiving heart should be extended even to those who have wronged the country as long as they stand to understand their wrong-doings. The gospel of brother and sisterhood should stand tall above reproach.

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