The vibes of Juba city

Juba city is probably the best part of South Sudan where majority of youth, old and middle age stay and work.

To the outside world, South Sudan is known for war and many think that there is no enjoyment in the so called young nation a name that I don’t love.

The vibes of Juba brings to you the key events in the city and for today we have youth who featured in the third edition of Hagana festival an annual event organized by the Antaban Arts initiative.

We are also wondering what took their attention to that direction.

This dude was so excited with a bottle of water which he got after a long hustle during the Hagana festival

Where there is music the South Sudan Vuvuzella Group will never miss

A man with his favorite beer and women around him is the happiest as you can see our Rapper Asif smiled the whole day long.

These are South Sudanese finest comedians but what will keep you wondering is their pose, they are all posing like military personals.

What was she thinking of?

With the suffering the people have gone through ask any South Sudanese to show you a sign of peace, he or she will automatically do it without hesitation.

In Uganda there is Miss curvy for tourist attraction but back home I would suggest Miss Black beauty because I am sure our black beauties will attract thousands of tourists.

Bring a pretty woman close to a man you would have solved his problem.

Nas ta Guwa still believe that they are the coolest dudes in the country, please rate them per now.

Sign of peace rocked Hagana Festival through out

Yes the crisis is hitting the country but we still have die hard that have continued with body building.

The vibes of Juba is aimed at promoting the positivity of Juba to the outside world who knows only the negative part of Juba a city that represents South Sudan.

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