The issue of free movement within E. A bloc

By Omuno Mogga Otto

Why the implementation of free movement is being delayed by the secretariat of East African Community (EAC)? Is the EAC member states have some difficulties to deal what is supposed to be done or implemented since the body is formed several years ago?

For how long will the block of EAC delay the implementation of all its treaties? If the key objectives of the East African block are to work for better relations with all its member states as one body, then it should implement the issue of visa entry. The secretariat has to put an action plan on implementing all its treaties in order to boost the real unity, a unity needed in the bloc

The EAC block should be fair enough in order to favor the interests of common citizens of all member states. The EAC block is supposed to concentrate on improving security and the economies of all its members.  The body should be fully committed in doing that for the interest of the block. The East African block is supposed to be a body that caters or solves the things which are affecting the citizens of all member states. One of the issues affecting the citizens of East African community is the lack of free visa entry, especially South Sudanese citizens. The reason is that some of the treaties like the issue of free movement of the citizens of member states are not being fully implemented. Why some member countries are not implementing that? A Kenyan citizen enters Uganda without paying a visa fees. But when a South Sudanese citizen wants to travel to Uganda or Kenya, he or she has to pay for visa to enter. What is the role of the EAC secretariat to address this challenge and find an amicable solution to such kind of problem? South Sudanese have many relatives in Uganda. When they want to go and see their relatives in some parts of Uganda they always face challenges of visa issue on the border. Even travelling to nearby camp sites in Uganda is not easy.  The issue of free movement will continue to hang around many questions if the secretariat remains silence on this issue.

Is there any logic to pay money for visa entry by some members of East Africa Community when others within the block are no longer paying?

Recently the East African Parliament renewed its stance for the free entry among its member states. The question is when it will be done; this is what many citizens of the block wanted to know. South Sudan has become a full member of the East Africa community. Supposed at this time a citizen of South Sudan is supposed to travel to all the East African corridors without any payment for visa. Why the mutual corporation of free visa entry is not being implemented for all the members of East Africa Community? Is the East African Community still has some arrangements over the issue of free visa entry? The world is becoming like a global village. Many countries in Europe are coming together as one union to boost relations and free movement of European citizens. The East Africa Community should work hard for the best interest of all its citizens.


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