The Exploited Heart

By Lisok James Moses

Just like the new dawn
So is how your children perish all around the beloved nation’s bushes
The confronting rain shadows are now more frightening than gun shots
The promise has come to pass
But the dreams are getting complicated
Oh, ‘’the Exploited Heart’’

A fellow countryman taking advantage of one beloved God-fearing leader
Decrees any moment
Unpopular systems of governance in place
Nobody is either safe
Nobody around the leader is worth the trust
Corruption, Rape, Killing and nepotism becomes safer
A leader surrounded by gamers and wolves
A nation’s heart divided against itself
Oh, ‘’the Exploited Heart’’

The youth gnashing teeth
Brothers welding weapons against fellow brothers
Fellow countrymen incited against each other
Tribalism becomes a tool
Raping, and killing a fellow brothers’ mother or sister became norms
Neither a government nor rebellions are permanent
A nation certainly breeding inter-generational lines and tribal hatred
The elders are no longer reliable
The elders no longer tell the truth
Oh, ‘’the Exploited Heart’’

Rebellions after rebellions, defection after defection, pardon after pardon
Everybody has been tricked
Mothers beating their chest everywhere
Their beloved has since gone and never returned home
A nation’s heart has grown dull
The cry of a granny is like a country music
Sweet lullabies that lull elites into sweet dreams
Silently a nation is weeping everyday
A nation whose women are weeping is a sorrowful nation
Until then, I see a charismatic leader
A forgiving and an honest leader with absolute soft heart
But only surrounded by self-centered wolves
Oh, ‘’the Exploited Heart’’

The poet can be reached at jamesdy.yoo@gmail.com