Suggestions On Petroleum Issues

By Deng Gon Deng

Love others like you love yourself; love your nation with all your heart, and do good work for others to support your work.

Let me first congratulate comrade Hon Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang, the new Minister of Petroleum upon his appointment last month. We are aware of the knowledge you have in the sector, and we are confident that you will use your intelligence to manage the petroleum sector for the good of our nation.

I also greet our President in the name of our Lord for what he has done. May God give deliverance to our President and healthy living.

Hon Petroleum Minister, I thank God for diving you in this hot time. As petroleum is the only most revenue generating product of our country, we are aware of the challenges ahead of you in ensuring its production for development of our country.

Now we should know that we don’t have any sector more developed than the oil sector that contributes over 90 percent to the country’s Domestic Gross Product. With this enormous contribution, services generated from the oil should replace the aid that development partners offer us every year.

However despite the abundance of other natural resources such as gold, silver, gum Arabic in places such as Kapoeta and the Unity areas, all of them lie unexplored.

The question is: Since we have such varieties of resources, what else can return us to poverty? The oil money is what we have to use to develop agriculture in these regions to end suffering of people. But because we don’t know how to utilize these resources, we still suffer from poverty. We know in our country, all resources have either been destroyed or not developed due to the war.

But resources may have been mismanaged, which created more unemployment of citizens. If you see now, the unemployed number is more than those employed.

To combat the unemployment in our country, we have to encourage our families to work hard and show them how to do better work, as well as create opportunities for youth employment. With this, we can stop what is happening at the ministries of finance and other government institutions where people go to seek financial help.

These are people who go to seek money from the Ministry of Finance, Nile Petroleum Corporation, and the Central Bank. If you pass from the gates of such places, you would see many people gathered as if they are going in for a wedding.

At all these ministries, people visit for different purposes but what is not good is majority of them visit to seek for money. If you are giving some money to someone, please tell him how to budget it.

Some of our businessmen and women have been given money from government institutions to invest, but others are not even investing the amount which they received.

Lastly, I want to encourage us to support our government by working hard in order to cooperate for peace in our country. Given that November is near, we want it to come and the Transitional Government be formed to prevent bad practices in the system.

Every individual including pastors, children, fathers, and mothers are praying for peace to come.

I thank our beloved country because God gave us a lot of resources to satisfy our needs and wants.

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