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With Odongo Odoyo

Recent reports of community fighting and killings in both Wau and Tonj States should be dealt with decisively. Authorities in the two areas should get to the root cause of what transpired to make people who have been living together kill one another. The number killed in Tonj is said to be twelve with eleven wounded or injured and in Wau three people were reported to have been killed. It is not who did what and why. Human life cannot just be taken away in unclear circumstances and because of neighbouring hostilities. Reasons should be able to guide people to make informed decision for continuity. This is why the leaders are required to interact and visit their electorates so as to educate them on peaceful co-existence. Time has come that some cultures should be discarded for the sake of peace and unity among communities and society. Security organs should be able to tame the situation by ensuring that culprits were brought to book and that no one was above the law of the land. It is not proper for those neighbours involved in the skirmishes to start accusing one another and making statements which are not anywhere near to brokering peace among the communities. Such issues should be handled with care and words that are not in place avoided because they could fuel the situation to get out of hand. Reconciliation and forgiveness should be the most honoured activities among the people who are having differences. The exercise of disarming and collecting weapons illegally in the possession of some people should be encouraged and supported to ensure only those authorized to carry and handle the weapons. The authorities should remain firm to deal with those breaking the laws in their areas. Sanity should be seen to be in place under peaceful atmosphere.

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